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Function File: coeffs = osc_injection_scottmalliaras (Phib, N0, [Phib_h, P0 ])

Define the model for charge injection and surface recombination at the contacts as described in the papers [1,2]. Phib is the injection barrier potential and N0 is the site density. The optional parameters Phib_h and P0 are the barrier potential and site density for holes, if values are not provided the same values as for electrons are assumed.

[1] J.Barker, C.Ramsdale, and N.Greenham. Modeling the current-voltage characteristics of bilayer polymer photovoltaic devices. Physical Review B, 67:075205 (9pp), 2003. [2] J.Campbell Scott and G.Malliaras. Charge injection and recombination at the methal-organic interface. Chemical Physics Letters, 299:115-119, 1999.